Each year the Eagle Crossing HOA budget is available for every homeowner to view at the Annual HOA meeting, held in the fall at the Brownsburg Town Hall.

Budgets are mailed out or emailed by request only. If you would like to obtain a copy of the 2019 Budget, please contact property manager, Kristen Daniels via email at eaglecrossing@mgroupmanagement.com or by phone at 317-207-4281. 

The 2019 homeowner’s dues are $450 per year. Dues are billed Bi-Annually in the amount of $225 due January 1 & July 1.

Here is a percentage break down of how the HOA dues are allocated:

Lawn Care - 30%

Pool & Amenities - 20%

Trees & Shrub Care - 7%

Common Area Maintenance - 12%

Common Area Utilities - 8%

Management Fees - 8%

General Administrative - 12%

Insurance Premiums - 3%