Eagle Crossing dog owners will be pleased to know that our new neighborhood dog park is officially open and ready for your well-behaved pets to play in!

We are very excited to announce that Eagle Crossing now has a one acre dog park located east of the pool and playground areas on the Silver Leaf side of our neighborhood.   Any responsible residents from either Silver Leaf or Tall grass are welcome to use the facility.     

The dog park is divided into two sections.  One area is for small dogs only that are under 30 lbs and the other section is for large dogs that weigh more than 30 lbs.      

IMPORTANT:    Use of the dog park comes with a responsibility from every dog owner to have proper control of their dog at all times and to clean up after their dog and take good care of the park for the continued enjoyment of everyone.  There are rules posted clearly at the entrance of the park and attached below.   Please ensure that you have read the rules and understand your responsibilities.

In 2019 we will be adding a shelter with benches to both areas of the dog park to make a more comfortable facility for dog owners and also agility equipment to add to the fun for the dogs.  

We are so pleased that our neighborhood has this wonderful addition to our already impressive list of amenities for the families in our community, let’s all make sure that it is a positive and pleasant experience for every person and pup that uses it.   Thank you!      

For any questions please contact our Management company director at  tel: 317-207-4281 


Eagle Crossing Leash Rules

We now have a designated area for our homeowners to exercise their dogs. Dogs MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES IN ALL OTHER AREAS OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD (except when in the Dog Park or your private, fenced in yard)

There are dog waste posts throughout Eagle Crossing neighborhood with free bags for you to use to pick up your dog’s waste. Please use them and help to keep Eagle Crossing a clean, dog friendly neighborhood!

parkrules dog.jpg